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Eyesight Secrets Of The Countries Of The World With The Healthiest Eyesight

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Eye exercises to improve vision naturally are being thought in all the medical schools and colleges of optometry. Evidence of this is presented in the journal of the American Optometric Association’s medical report entitled: “The Efficacy of Vision Training in Improving Accommodative Function” This evidence proves that eye exercises are a legitimate medical discipline in terms of the educational requirements for applicants who are entering the medical field of eye care related to optometric vision training and vision therapy.

Some countries of the world are revered for the fact that their people have excellent eyesight. Some of these countries include the following: India, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland to name a few. You might be wondering about secrets to maintaining healthy eyesight and sharper vision without glasses in these countries. Well, the answer is in their dietary choices. For example, people who live in the Mediterranean regions of the world which also includes countries such as Italy, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These kinds of foods support healthy eyesight and increase the quality of their eyesight.

Also some countries in the world such as New Zealand and Australia also boasts some of the world’s lowest rates of nearsightedness. Their secret is associated with the fact that their countries have a higher rate of outdoor activities than others. This is due to the fact that a healthy level of exposure to sunlight actually benefits vision health. For instance, in sunlight conditions the brain secretes a neurotransmitter called Dopamine. This chemical is also emitted by the retina of the eyes in daylight conditions and it prevents the growth of elongated eyeballs; a factor responsible for the development of Myopia, also known as nearsightedness.

In India an ancient branch of alternative medicine called Ayurveda is commonly practiced. This particular branch of medicine embraces a holistic approach to eye care and includes the Triphalia Herbal Complex. This is defined in English as 3 fruits. This Triphalia Herbal Complex includes the combination of 3 herbs Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. This combination of herbal medicines work together collectively to strengthen the eye muscles which improves the focusing power of the eyes. And it also provides some effective natural remedies to solve vision health problems such as pink eye and nearsightedness.

Eye exercises are effective natural techniques that correct vision problems the natural way. These techniques solve vision problems by getting to the root causes of eyesight ailments. Some countries of the world that have practiced these natural eye care remedies for vision correction enjoy the healthiest eyesight in the world. By putting these natural eye care remedies into practice you too can enjoy these vision health benefits for better natural vision without glasses.

The Brand Called You: The 5 Word Branding Exercise

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

So what is the “The Brand Called You”?

You are a brand. Your personal brand is a way of communicating what is inherently you. Your experience, background, education, methodology, personality, etc.

How do you figure out your personal brand?

There are many ways, but I’m going to give you one exercise.

In the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which also was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, every time Liz, the main character, went to a location, she tried to come up with a word to capture the brand of that location. For example, if I recall correctly, her brand word for Rome was Sex (or maybe Passion!). And at one point, someone turned the tables on her and asked her, “Liz, what’s your word?” And she was stumped. Part of the reason she couldn’t come up with her word at that point was she had lost touch with who she was, and needed to dig deeper, which she does as her journey progresses. But another part of that may have been that it is awfully hard to come up with just one word to describe your entire overall personal brand!

So I’m asking you to come up with 5.

5 words that capture what is uniquely you – your Personal Brand.

For some of you, this still may be difficult.

If you can’t come up with 5 words yourself, then pay attention to how others perceive you. Ask family, friends, colleagues and clients for 5 words that describe you. Please only ask those that will be your “believing eyes.” If you own a business, look at your client testimonials for patterns of words and phrases that repeat themselves. If you are employed in a workplace setting, look at your job evaluations and letters of reference. If you are just getting out o f college, look at your letters of recommendation. You get the picture. You are trying to find the words that others have used to describe your personal brand.

Here are my 5 words: Professional, Intelligent, Warm, Sassy, Productive.

Try to come up with a mix of words that exhibit both hard and soft skills, or tap into left and right brain characteristics. We are all made up of both, so mixing up the 5 words for your brand is a nice way to demonstrate your multi-facetted personality and help you to appear less one-dimensional. For example, in my words, you will see that intelligent, professional and productive capture more of my left brain side and hard skills, while warm and sassy capture my more creative, right brain side and soft skills.

A really powerful exercise is to come up with 5 words for someone else.

I was doing this exercise for an organization at one of my speaking engagements earlier this year, and one of the participants raised her hand and said “I got nothing. I can’t think of any words for me.” So I looked around at her colleagues and asked if any of them had some words for her. Slowly, they started calling out words, and we could see that some of them overlapped and some themes started to emerge. It was very powerful to watch the effect it had on her as she learned what her peers considered to be her personal brand.

So I challenge you to list your 5 words. Make sure they truly capture your essence, personality, and what makes you uniquely you.

The next step is to start examining your life and work to make sure that your 5 words match how you showcase your brand to the world. Would someone be able to guess your 5 words? Immediately upon meeting you? Or at least after getting to know you further? If so, your external brand matches your internal brand. If not, your external brand is incongruent with who you really are. This can cause confusion, make others feel disconnected to you, and result in your appearing inauthentic.

So think of your personal brand as an opportunity to have a deeper internal conversation that says who you are on many levels. Don’t miss that opportunity! Welcome that conversation. Start it with 5 words.